Thursday, March 27, 2014

The skills of selecting simple curtains

The skills of selecting simple curtains

It's not easy for us to make the best choice in many simple curtain ideas. In fact, the styles, suspension mode, the pioneer of color as well as popular accessories will transform different decorative effect, therefore, just add your own ideas, no need to worry about the same.

Stocks needs arising from the window's needs, personality changes

commercialization of residential units and more, the shape of the windows of the first variety, so understanding the characteristics of window type the first step is to choose simple curtains.
Pink Making Simple Curtains with Lines and Floral Patterns

We need to consider the function of the curtains. Such as bathrooms, kitchens to choose practicability easily understood wash cloth, the fabric to withstand steam and oil pollution, the style is simple and smooth. Living room, dining can choose luxury, beautiful fabrics. Bedroom simple curtains require thick, warm and safe. Den curtains have to good light, bright, using elegant color. In addition, the choice also depends on the fabric demand for light room, plenty of light, you can choose tulle, thin cotton or silk cloth; room light is too abundant, they should choose thicker wool blend or brocade curtains do to resist glare ; room to light requirements are not very strict, generally used plain cotton or linen fabric printing best . Kitchen, bathroom, etc. due to moisture, fumes, with blinds more appropriate. Additionally lounge, tearoom are more suitable for use on wooden or bamboo blinds, balcony to choose Fast, easy to fade material curtains.

Curtain rails, curtain accessories such as simple curtains on curtain, like jewelry dress for women, it is not indispensable to the letter. When installed Chende little curtain accessories, curtain style can sometimes become a big hero conversion, and sometimes undue burden accessories can also make a nice curtains lost beauty. Therefore, carefully choose curtain accessories, home decoration but also a work process cannot be ignored.


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