Sunday, March 23, 2014

something should be noticed when selecting curtains

Fabric softens the rigid lines of the interior space, giving the room a warm style: or fresh and natural, or elegant and gorgeous, or eclipse blackout curtains. Including decorative cloth curtains, pillowcases, bedspreads, upholstery, pad, sofa sets, table cloth, wall covering and so on. Buy decorative cloth should note the following factors:
1 The first to identify a color combination of furniture main colors makes the room overall color, aesthetic coherence. Secondly, fabric texture and fabric ornaments unity should function. The living room with gorgeous beautiful fabrics, soft flowing fabrics bedrooms, kitchen optional solid washable fabric.
2 for like curtains, draperies, wall hangings and other decorative cloth hanging from their area, color, pattern, style, etc., to match the room's space, visually have a sense of balance. Such as larger windows, a window opening should be wide, the length of the curtains to decorate close to the ground; within a small space, to the fabric with a pattern of small, so as unbalanced.
Timeless Beige Stars Living Room Blackout Curtains
3 beds, be sure to choose the texture of cotton cloth fabric, are conducive to sweet to "breathe " and soft touch. Small bedroom space should use natural and imaginative tone striped fabric for decoration, will play the effect of extending bedroom space ; light colored furniture should choose pale, light green and so elegant floral fabrics ; For deep tones furniture, dark green, dark blue and other colors are the superior choice.
4 Elaborate cloth ornaments, such as carpets, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc., should be in harmony with the interior floors, furniture size. Use more ground slightly darker color, tablecloths and bedspreads should be lower than the ground color and brightness patterns, achieve harmony in contrast.
5 in the overall arrangement of the bedroom, decorative cloth should be coordinated with other decorations. Strong colors, patterns complicated decorative cloth and strong performance in space with luxurious style; colored bright, simple pattern decorative cloth, can bring strong modern space.
Conceal defects : a striking pattern or a light-absorbing material in the curtain to cover.
Interior highlights stunning views: Plain with moshells curtains and contrast objects, to set off the background, or use a reflective material to highlight the particular texture of the scene.

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