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How to select nice cheap modern curtains

How to select nice cheap modern curtains

A beautiful curtain can make your house look more beautiful, but can also dress up different style of decoration. But the modern drapes are very expensive. Then how to select nice cheap curtains?

 Modern Cotton and Polyester Geometrical Printing Ivory Curtains

Casement window blinds are one of the most common design. Simple, without any decoration, size casual, suspension and lift pull can be, for most windows. According to the width of the window, the modern curtains are designed to pull one side flat and pull the bilateral level, generally 1.5 m of the boundary reference. Xinjiang can lift the curtain on one side or both sides, forming a gentle arc, manufacturing good decorative effect, but also be able to mix and match a variety of straps accessories. Production design with certain head up more complex, but better decorative effect. It can block the rough curtain rail and curtain between the top and the roof of the air when the room looks more pretty neat.

Curtain and curtain rod between the convergence there are many ways : directly on the fabric perforated, easy pulling back and forth ; forms the outer bag, the front looks beautiful, but because of the friction between the fabric and the big stick, especially bag when the diameter of the rod almost more difficult to pull back and forth ; straps form is very simple, suitable for relatively thin fabric ; lacing not pull the same way for just usually do not often move from decorative windows. It would be best to buy curtain rings, so easy to turn on and when it is convenient detachable wash.

When selected fabrics, we must take into account its own window facing. South-facing windows, the light is good. Tulle, silk fabric padded or more appropriate. North of the room, often cold and dark, you should choose warm feeling and some heavy Modern Curtains, increasing temperatures. If the home has windows facing east or west, it is the most important uses of shade curtains. Both shade curtains block the glare, but also to maintain the brightness of the room, full use of natural light to illuminate the room. Close to the downtown district of the window, allmodern curtains, billboards light is also very b, in order to have a good night's sleep, you need thicker curtains blocked.

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