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Some important knowledge of the curtains

Some important knowledge of the curtains

Curtains art is produced with fabrics designed and made ​​carolynalleman curtains, always be screens, a layer of curtains.

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The choices of Curtains fabric
1) Curtain fabric Size: Custom fabric curtains has set high, fixed-width fabric of the points. The so-called fixed-height distribution refers to the height of the cloth roll is fixed, 2.8 m, 2.1 m two kinds. Fixed width is 1.45 m fabric specifications, based on a reasonable choice of window size specification clothing while saving more effective matching fabric the color interpretation.
2) curtain fabric curtain fabric material is generally natural cotton, rayon, polyester, acrylic and so on. Cotton fabric with heat, moisture absorption characteristics. Polyester has a light fastness, abrasion resistance, easy care, comfortable feel. Acrylic has good fastness., feel good, fluffy Paul warm.
Divided by length
High curtain: For three meters above the window spaces.
Windows: Hong Kong-style shape for a wide windowsill situation.
French windows: more for the living room, the use of large floor to ceiling glass windows.
Half of the window: According window type, hem curtains over the window sill of 30cm and no time to ground.
1, curtain cloth style:
2, divided by the structure: There are a simple type, rail, cassette three.
3, according to the lighting division: Light, cheap net curtains, opaque three.
4, according to the form of division

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