Monday, March 31, 2014

The modern curtains have become more and more popular in the world

The modern curtains have become more and more popular in the world
With the development of the living standard, more and more people tend to try to make their bedroom look more wonderful, whether select the floor of the unique style, or paint the wall, which are looking beautiful. As we know, the Silk Blackout Curtains are necessary for a lot of people in home decoration, which is also the most popular products on the market, there are many kinds of the curtains on the market, many people do not know how to select one.
Brown And Beige Blackout Faux Silk Casual Elegant Polka Dot Curtains
There are a lot of new styles of the curtains on the market, especially the modern style curtains. The modern curtains are loved by many young people because of the unique style. Many people, especially young friends choose home decoration and they will use modern curtains. Stylish, decorative effect is very good.
Then, many people may ask what is modern curtain? this is one kind of the curtains, Generally as a unique minimalist style, which is the most widely used in the bedroom, we all know that the bedroom is a very private place, this is the best place to communicate the feelings of the couple, is what people rest, while still inside the cozy house and romantic space. Thus, modern style curtains bedroom is suitable for such an atmosphere, an atmosphere of simplicity can bring to the bedroom. For example, a very popular contemporary style curtains touchofclass curtains, you can bring a fresh feeling to the home, like being in nature, simple but tedious, clear picture quality, make people feel comfortable.

Friday, March 28, 2014

How to select the sheer curtains in spring

How to select the curtains in spring

The sheer curtains are very important in home decoration, which cannot only block out the sunlight and protect privacy, but also take your house with a wonderful feeling. Then, how to select sheer window curtains in spring, I will show you some tips.

Red And White Striped Simple Half Price Cheap Best Sheer Curtains
We all wear silk clothes in spring, which looks elegant and cool, and it will make the skin calm and comfortable. The fabric of the curtains should be cotton and silk, such as cotton, silk, flax, and polyester -silk and so on. On the one hand feel with silk curtains ingredients relatively smooth, silk fabric already has good light effect, in the sunlight, there will be very relaxed and elegant beauty, make room looks bright and light. On the other hand spring and summer, whether or curtains, bedding and other fabric products, cleaning more frequently are relatively few winters, choose thinner material, but also easy to manage.

There are many colors and styles of the sheer curtains, the curtains in the spring and summer tend bright choice of colors, fresh color, can people feel fresh. For example, the green line, filled with a youthful jovial atmosphere, but also very easy with other color combinations, mustard green, lemon, banana yellow, apricot, orange, etc., all belong to the occasion on behalf of the spring and summer color . Another example is the white line, clean and elegant, with a lively atmosphere, sheer curtains, blue, red, purple, green, yellow, brown and other colors also can be reached with a very harmonious effect, and the white light can reflect all generated various effects . In addition, common natural color to gray, pearl -colored, brown cream, coral, etc. is increasingly becoming the trendy color spring and summer home, just with a reasonable, can become some of the highlights.
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The skills of selecting simple curtains

The skills of selecting simple curtains

It's not easy for us to make the best choice in many simple curtain ideas. In fact, the styles, suspension mode, the pioneer of color as well as popular accessories will transform different decorative effect, therefore, just add your own ideas, no need to worry about the same.

Stocks needs arising from the window's needs, personality changes

commercialization of residential units and more, the shape of the windows of the first variety, so understanding the characteristics of window type the first step is to choose simple curtains.
Pink Making Simple Curtains with Lines and Floral Patterns

We need to consider the function of the curtains. Such as bathrooms, kitchens to choose practicability easily understood wash cloth, the fabric to withstand steam and oil pollution, the style is simple and smooth. Living room, dining can choose luxury, beautiful fabrics. Bedroom simple curtains require thick, warm and safe. Den curtains have to good light, bright, using elegant color. In addition, the choice also depends on the fabric demand for light room, plenty of light, you can choose tulle, thin cotton or silk cloth; room light is too abundant, they should choose thicker wool blend or brocade curtains do to resist glare ; room to light requirements are not very strict, generally used plain cotton or linen fabric printing best . Kitchen, bathroom, etc. due to moisture, fumes, with blinds more appropriate. Additionally lounge, tearoom are more suitable for use on wooden or bamboo blinds, balcony to choose Fast, easy to fade material curtains.

Curtain rails, curtain accessories such as simple curtains on curtain, like jewelry dress for women, it is not indispensable to the letter. When installed Chende little curtain accessories, curtain style can sometimes become a big hero conversion, and sometimes undue burden accessories can also make a nice curtains lost beauty. Therefore, carefully choose curtain accessories, home decoration but also a work process cannot be ignored.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The color art of the curtains

The color art of the curtains
The curtains may be the most important part in home decoration, if reasonable arrangement allows room harmonization, creating a romantic effect. Curtains of color is also a great stress, in addition to its own fabrics and colors, but also to pay attention to the overall mix with the room and coordination only with the surrounding walls, furniture harmony with, in order to create a warm and beautiful feeling overall.
Different bedroom nautical window curtains because different functions can also choose different colors of curtains in the bedroom as comfortable as elements of the configuration should be simple and elegant warm curtains better to ensure sleep comfortable, warm and cold colors according to personal preferences ; living room curtains are according to the owner's personality and living room with a theme, or bright or elegant or cozy living room focuses on highlighting the theme and personality ; den curtains will have to choose a bright color, easy to light, elegant color curtains make people calm, concentrate on learning and work.
Nautical Curtains Made of Polyester with Sail Boat
If the walls are pale yellow or yellow, purple or brown chairs the Department, the curtains can be blue or golden yellow, giving a sense of light and bright ; If the walls are light blue lines, the furniture is nearly white yellow series, so choose light yellow transparent gauze curtain, giving a warm feeling ; If the walls are white or Ivory, tables and chairs are yellow, red or blue pattern can be orange curtain, with its bright colors to decorate the room a sense of . If there are more ornaments on the walls, you should choose a solid color shopwildthings curtains to avoid a sense of clutter.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some important knowledge of the curtains

Some important knowledge of the curtains

Curtains art is produced with fabrics designed and made ​​carolynalleman curtains, always be screens, a layer of curtains.

White Patterned Beautiful Comfortable Best Cheap Sheer Curtains

The choices of Curtains fabric
1) Curtain fabric Size: Custom fabric curtains has set high, fixed-width fabric of the points. The so-called fixed-height distribution refers to the height of the cloth roll is fixed, 2.8 m, 2.1 m two kinds. Fixed width is 1.45 m fabric specifications, based on a reasonable choice of window size specification clothing while saving more effective matching fabric the color interpretation.
2) curtain fabric curtain fabric material is generally natural cotton, rayon, polyester, acrylic and so on. Cotton fabric with heat, moisture absorption characteristics. Polyester has a light fastness, abrasion resistance, easy care, comfortable feel. Acrylic has good fastness., feel good, fluffy Paul warm.
Divided by length
High curtain: For three meters above the window spaces.
Windows: Hong Kong-style shape for a wide windowsill situation.
French windows: more for the living room, the use of large floor to ceiling glass windows.
Half of the window: According window type, hem curtains over the window sill of 30cm and no time to ground.
1, curtain cloth style:
2, divided by the structure: There are a simple type, rail, cassette three.
3, according to the lighting division: Light, cheap net curtains, opaque three.
4, according to the form of division

Monday, March 24, 2014

How to select nice cheap modern curtains

How to select nice cheap modern curtains

A beautiful curtain can make your house look more beautiful, but can also dress up different style of decoration. But the modern drapes are very expensive. Then how to select nice cheap curtains?

 Modern Cotton and Polyester Geometrical Printing Ivory Curtains

Casement window blinds are one of the most common design. Simple, without any decoration, size casual, suspension and lift pull can be, for most windows. According to the width of the window, the modern curtains are designed to pull one side flat and pull the bilateral level, generally 1.5 m of the boundary reference. Xinjiang can lift the curtain on one side or both sides, forming a gentle arc, manufacturing good decorative effect, but also be able to mix and match a variety of straps accessories. Production design with certain head up more complex, but better decorative effect. It can block the rough curtain rail and curtain between the top and the roof of the air when the room looks more pretty neat.

Curtain and curtain rod between the convergence there are many ways : directly on the fabric perforated, easy pulling back and forth ; forms the outer bag, the front looks beautiful, but because of the friction between the fabric and the big stick, especially bag when the diameter of the rod almost more difficult to pull back and forth ; straps form is very simple, suitable for relatively thin fabric ; lacing not pull the same way for just usually do not often move from decorative windows. It would be best to buy curtain rings, so easy to turn on and when it is convenient detachable wash.

When selected fabrics, we must take into account its own window facing. South-facing windows, the light is good. Tulle, silk fabric padded or more appropriate. North of the room, often cold and dark, you should choose warm feeling and some heavy Modern Curtains, increasing temperatures. If the home has windows facing east or west, it is the most important uses of shade curtains. Both shade curtains block the glare, but also to maintain the brightness of the room, full use of natural light to illuminate the room. Close to the downtown district of the window, allmodern curtains, billboards light is also very b, in order to have a good night's sleep, you need thicker curtains blocked.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

something should be noticed when selecting curtains

Fabric softens the rigid lines of the interior space, giving the room a warm style: or fresh and natural, or elegant and gorgeous, or eclipse blackout curtains. Including decorative cloth curtains, pillowcases, bedspreads, upholstery, pad, sofa sets, table cloth, wall covering and so on. Buy decorative cloth should note the following factors:
1 The first to identify a color combination of furniture main colors makes the room overall color, aesthetic coherence. Secondly, fabric texture and fabric ornaments unity should function. The living room with gorgeous beautiful fabrics, soft flowing fabrics bedrooms, kitchen optional solid washable fabric.
2 for like curtains, draperies, wall hangings and other decorative cloth hanging from their area, color, pattern, style, etc., to match the room's space, visually have a sense of balance. Such as larger windows, a window opening should be wide, the length of the curtains to decorate close to the ground; within a small space, to the fabric with a pattern of small, so as unbalanced.
Timeless Beige Stars Living Room Blackout Curtains
3 beds, be sure to choose the texture of cotton cloth fabric, are conducive to sweet to "breathe " and soft touch. Small bedroom space should use natural and imaginative tone striped fabric for decoration, will play the effect of extending bedroom space ; light colored furniture should choose pale, light green and so elegant floral fabrics ; For deep tones furniture, dark green, dark blue and other colors are the superior choice.
4 Elaborate cloth ornaments, such as carpets, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc., should be in harmony with the interior floors, furniture size. Use more ground slightly darker color, tablecloths and bedspreads should be lower than the ground color and brightness patterns, achieve harmony in contrast.
5 in the overall arrangement of the bedroom, decorative cloth should be coordinated with other decorations. Strong colors, patterns complicated decorative cloth and strong performance in space with luxurious style; colored bright, simple pattern decorative cloth, can bring strong modern space.
Conceal defects : a striking pattern or a light-absorbing material in the curtain to cover.
Interior highlights stunning views: Plain with moshells curtains and contrast objects, to set off the background, or use a reflective material to highlight the particular texture of the scene.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beautiful screens make your home look more beautiful

Beautiful screens have been more and more popular, especially for young female. There are a lot of functions of the beautiful screens.
Korean-style curtains with screens look sweet and delicate, soft and graceful, the overall style is very nice, the details in place, in particular the hollow pattern, so that the whole curtain even more sweet and romantic, or just married women one of the best husband and wife french country curtains.
Striped White Red and Blue Color Poly Flocking Country Curtains
If it is a relatively large space can also be cut off with screens, this way the soft partition is the most common women's boudoir, both prominent women's soft, but also to increase somewhat romantic and sweet flavor, but a little small elegant white pattern is the best decoration, save money and create an elegant atmosphere.
Beautiful screens or afternoon shade sleep best tools, translucent revealing the slightest warmth of the sun, between sleeping and waking material thin screens to create a beautiful atmosphere, not only for the space of light walk, while giving half transparent screens start to extend.

Screens with lace are more beautiful screens, gentle soft colors, elegant in with a fresh feeling, coupled with carefully embroidered flowers blossoming, and instantly the whole room is full of fresh flavor.
Today's screens have a one-way function perspective, not only can be hung on the windows, but also for other uses, and the excavation of the screens function as human beings, the colors and patterns are also more and more, whether it is an elegant white, fresh and delicate pink or green, these beautiful screens will become a beautiful landscape of our interior line, increased somewhat target curtains to our lives.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Striped curtains take different feeling in your house

Striped curtains take different feeling in your house
In fact, the curtains can play a very important role in home decoration, such as the striped curtains, their different rules of different curtains, then how to match the striped curtains well in a discount curtains? Now, I will show you some tips.
Windowsill, either balcony or bedroom, different place may select different striped curtains. Because there is usually below the window heating, it is proposed to be included within the scope of decorative curtains, not only can maintain the integrity of the room, while the pattern makes the room more beautiful, beautiful, and, vertical striped curtains still pull extending the length of the effect . Set in front of the balcony cannot only make people feel stretched to widen the entire space, while people feel very comfortable, there is no sense of oppression.
American Style Floarl Jacquard Blended Curtains
Different colors of the striped curtains will take you colour feeling. Especially in light green or blue-green color of the fresh and pleasant, yellow-green oxygen sensor, good mood orange, pink, romantic atmosphere, with striped curtains, not only beautiful fashion, but also give the house who brings a relaxed mood.

If you want to have stylish feeling, if you want your house looks different, then why not choose striped curtains, which will take lakeside curtains different feeling.

Monday, March 17, 2014

blackout curtains become more and more important in our life

Curtains have become more and more important in our life. There are many styles of curtains. For a variety of different styles of curtains, country style curtains have always loved the people, especially in large cities, home decoration, basically choose this country style curtains, white blackout curtains, with country-style curtains use, add a lot of local flavor and color of the humanities, is a very good choice.
Designer Ombre Fuchsia Floral Patterns Blackout Curtains
Rustic country style curtains with other kind of painting are actually about the same, this certain colors and shapes are generally more subtle, more conservative. Looks very comfortable, very comfortable, giving a comforting feeling, both ancient and modern style, unique lines and Art Deco style, showing close to the crude simplicity of the situation.
Country style, many people are not particularly understand, is not that the point of the curtains drawn rabbit, poultry and the like painting point of it even if it is actually not like that. In fact, we did not start the rustic Chinese origin, which is starting in the eighteenth century. Some londonlace curtains called the house decorated as a basis for the formation of a rustic style.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Three aspects you must know when buying living room curtains

Living room is extremely important for our house, a nice modern curtains for living room is very important for a living room. Then, what shall we pay attention to when we select living room curtains?
2014 New Arrival Modern Curtains for Decoration Function
The patterns of the living room curtains is very important for curtains, which will decide the atmosphere of the room, lovely curtains will make the whole living room look cute and naive, and pastoral style curtains will make people back to nature feel, bright colors make it easier for people feel majestic atmosphere generated for luxurious grace of interior decoration style, if you like classical, retro little hope, then choose some living room curtains with traditional pattern is very good.

Terms of color selection. Living room curtains and the room must be integrated into effect, this will become more harmonious, under normal circumstances, the color of the curtain wall to the deep language, such as light blue walls can choose white or blue flowers are brown curtains, and yellow walls can choose yellow or brown curtains, these little contrast, allowing them to enhance the brightness of the room, thereby enhancing the quality of the room.
Fabric material is also essential. If your home decoration style is refreshing type, the best choice for soft fabrics, this can create a warm soft feeling, and if your home decoration atmosphere is elegant, it is recommended to select silky, this will more grades, of course, if you are belk curtains in the retro style, then dark red or burgundy curtains, I believe you will love it.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Beautiful bedroom window screens take you wonderful feeling

Beautiful window screens have been loved by more and more people, especially for young female. There are many color and styles of bedroom window curtains.
Beautiful screens can shade for your house in the afternoon, which can also set up a wonderful space for your family. the window screens can not only be hung on the windows, but also can be used in other fileds, the colors and patterns are also more and more, whether it is an elegant white, fresh and delicate pink or green, these beautiful screens will become a beautiful landscape of our interior line, increased somewhat different color to our lives.
Energy Saving Solid Living Room Blackout Curtains in Blue
If it is a relatively large space can also be cut off with screens, this way the soft partition is the most common women's boudoir, both prominent women's soft, but also to increase somewhat romantic and sweet flavor, but a little small elegant white pattern is the best decoration, save money and create an elegant atmosphere.
Korean-style bedroom curtains and more with screens, just sweet and delicate, soft and graceful, the overall style is very nice, the details in place, in particular the hollow pattern, so that the whole curtain even more sweet and romantic, or just married women one of the best husband and wife bedroom curtains.
Screens with lace look very beautiful, which are elegant with a fresh feeling, coupled with carefully bhg curtains blossoming, and instantly the whole room is full of fresh flavor.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

the floral curtains image romantic and even warm

Talking floral curtains, we tend to would certainly unquestionably feel small bouquets, the floral curtains image romantic and even warm, highly in your daily room, an affects an living room decorated through floral publishing curtains is definitely so excellent, let's take a look using the impact of 4 different floral print curtains.
Floral room to lace curtains, lace noble along with sweet floral backdrop on even more interesting, however now smooth, heated internal most women What show the ideal, between flutter, almost like to know an plants genius which usually advances, rippling curtains feet gives us not the same young experiencing.

Floral Curtains Online in Special Design of Green Two Panels
Living room decor reflects some beauty, for the reason that living room curtains, this floral curtains are going to play that good assess consequence, even if cold internal decoration, you can would like white floral, this kind of crazy shape by no means lag associated with, even if anyone would like that extra romantic area, next, beige or maybe pale yellow floral can be a excellent option . Certainly, there are you such as a sense of happiness and even vibrant, floral and even deprive are able to mix some ambiance of the space instantly mobilized.
Korean floral curtains, an curtains to be able to comes both the Chinese grocery store isn't extensive, yet an crash is definitely particularly preferred, Korean floral curtains will make a hot family ambiance, suitable for younger parents, entered your ornament Such tassels or various other elements, not simply extremely sophisticated, however freshness is usually but also bigger.
Lace, bows and then floral curtains. Some daughter with one drape story, for you to draw in your daily attention regarding many women of all ageses, traveled into the room anybody are going to be fooled just by thats romantic ambiance, but also because of other substance seams, along with potterybarnkids curtains, dreamy bhg curtains flew to help arise, that so well suited for solo women.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

White Historic modern curtains

With latest decoration, an easy kind of New Ornaments can be more popular as compared to retro curtains, especially with youth, they can often wear a simple discipline Curtains.

white Historic modern window curtains are probably other at risk from create everyone sense in close proximity to, regardless of whether in the room or room, almost everywhere packed with irresistible, subtle flavoring, not only sweet, but additionally together with one hint associated with organic character, enchanting as well as pure collections stark refined partitions assess light lattice, however very simple, nice tassels, jumping relating to the curtains to help make which an other contemporary style of thousands of, if inadvertently informative an amazing setting.

Floral Country Curtains for Living Room of Polyester

Glowing blue ornament to the light regarding modern mapping looks so powerful feel illuminate, such as staying beneath a light blue dream country, however if the winter just isn't recommended this that you use both the coloration, besides, for the reason that sweet colorations, or perhaps an tiny in the winter months cool.

Last but not least, gray purpose european modern curtains as well as shape awesome. Hundreds of kids decide on the low-key lifetime, and also gray is usually both the perfect question colouring for these people. No matter if this can is a simple gray as well as gray curtains on little tassels are actually very staying, don'ts appear to be so unexciting to the lumination irradiation, however too interesting, very suited to both the really like on tranquil, curtains an silent property to look at a little something.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Black curtains

Black curtains
As we know, black curtains have good effect of shading, especially in the summer, choose a black curtain can achieve a good effect of dark, nasty glare does not appear to affect the normal life and work conditions precisely because the black curtain special effects, more and more people like it, not only that, but also gives a solemn black feeling, while the effect of noise is quite good.
You may choose the black white curtains when you select curtains, black match with white, which make the results clear, with a line type of furniture, so it will not be too monotonous, it is very dull, as long as a good grasp of the ratio of black and white, it will look neat, otherwise it will disorganized. If still not satisfied, you can still appropriate with a number of other colors.
Blue Energy Saving Blend Material Simple Curtains
Black curtains also have a lot of styles, colors have been fixed in a solemn black, but the exact style curtains on many changes, but also to meet the different needs of different consumers, to bring a lot of room for choice. Some people like the black curtain with the characters, so the effect is very good, and some people like not all black curtain, with a number of other colors, colorful in black, look very good visual effect. No matter how collocation, in short, is to meet a principle that does not make taboo and consumer satisfaction, this will make consumers satisfied with the product, in order to make their products occupy a certain share of the market.