Friday, March 28, 2014

How to select the sheer curtains in spring

How to select the curtains in spring

The sheer curtains are very important in home decoration, which cannot only block out the sunlight and protect privacy, but also take your house with a wonderful feeling. Then, how to select sheer window curtains in spring, I will show you some tips.

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We all wear silk clothes in spring, which looks elegant and cool, and it will make the skin calm and comfortable. The fabric of the curtains should be cotton and silk, such as cotton, silk, flax, and polyester -silk and so on. On the one hand feel with silk curtains ingredients relatively smooth, silk fabric already has good light effect, in the sunlight, there will be very relaxed and elegant beauty, make room looks bright and light. On the other hand spring and summer, whether or curtains, bedding and other fabric products, cleaning more frequently are relatively few winters, choose thinner material, but also easy to manage.

There are many colors and styles of the sheer curtains, the curtains in the spring and summer tend bright choice of colors, fresh color, can people feel fresh. For example, the green line, filled with a youthful jovial atmosphere, but also very easy with other color combinations, mustard green, lemon, banana yellow, apricot, orange, etc., all belong to the occasion on behalf of the spring and summer color . Another example is the white line, clean and elegant, with a lively atmosphere, sheer curtains, blue, red, purple, green, yellow, brown and other colors also can be reached with a very harmonious effect, and the white light can reflect all generated various effects . In addition, common natural color to gray, pearl -colored, brown cream, coral, etc. is increasingly becoming the trendy color spring and summer home, just with a reasonable, can become some of the highlights.
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