Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Striped curtains take different feeling in your house

Striped curtains take different feeling in your house
In fact, the curtains can play a very important role in home decoration, such as the striped curtains, their different rules of different curtains, then how to match the striped curtains well in a discount curtains? Now, I will show you some tips.
Windowsill, either balcony or bedroom, different place may select different striped curtains. Because there is usually below the window heating, it is proposed to be included within the scope of decorative curtains, not only can maintain the integrity of the room, while the pattern makes the room more beautiful, beautiful, and, vertical striped curtains still pull extending the length of the effect . Set in front of the balcony cannot only make people feel stretched to widen the entire space, while people feel very comfortable, there is no sense of oppression.
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Different colors of the striped curtains will take you colour feeling. Especially in light green or blue-green color of the fresh and pleasant, yellow-green oxygen sensor, good mood orange, pink, romantic atmosphere, with striped curtains, not only beautiful fashion, but also give the house who brings a relaxed mood.

If you want to have stylish feeling, if you want your house looks different, then why not choose striped curtains, which will take lakeside curtains different feeling.

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