Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The skills of selecting Bridal accessories

Every bride try do best to make herself look more beautiful in the wedding,after selecting the ogotoshop wedding dress,now,you should think about selecting the accessories,such as wedding shoes,wedding rings and other jewelry,now,i will show you some skills of selecting Bridal accessories,it will help you to be the most beautiful girl in the wedding maybe.

1,the brooch

The bride should be careful not to wear too complicated brooch. Otherwise it will overwhelm and obscure the beautiful wedding dress.The brooch should be wearing in a higher position,which can make you look slender.Do not wear too complicated pectoral.

2,the jewelry

The bride should select her jewelry carefully according to her neck and face.The bride who has a short neck better to choose a slightly slender necklace, face is one of the main bases to select the jewelry can play a reasonable balance modification effect.

3, the wedding shoes

The height of the wedding shoes is very important,you should try the shoes before you decide to buy.

4,the wedding rings

Brides who have thin and long fingers are easy to select the rings because any rings will make her look beautiful, especially the larger diamond rings the bride who has a slender finger, the larger diamond will make your finger more beautiful. The bride has a slender finger, the larger the diamond will make your finger of a more beautiful.

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