Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Fabric of wedding dresses

Every girl want to be the most beautiful girl in the world in her wedding,so you must need to select a perfect wedding dress,then you better to know the dress before you select one,there are a lot of styles of wedding dresses,there are also made by different fabric,today i will show you some fabric of wedding dresses.It will help you to select a nice ogotoshop wedding dress, so, follow me.

1, silk: silk is smooth and soft, and it's the most expensive fabric of wedding dresses, silk always be wrapped in satin outside to create a romantic and elegant atmosphere. Fabric characteristics: Silk has a distinctive sheen, texture, light, soft, smooth, elegant. Suitable styles: silk is suitable for both simple and stylish straight body style or fish balance due, but also suitable for a Greek-style upright models wedding or a simple decorative style palace.

2, Lace: Lace is usually being used in fine wedding dresses, its unique production process is especially suitable for sewing beads to show with noble qualities. Lace Fabric Features: Lace was originally used as accessories to use, which has a sense of luxury, but, it's usually be used as the main fabric now. Suitable styles: lace is suitable for straight or style with a small tail.

3,Chiffon:chiffon is thin, it's usually be used in the production of dresses with a Greek-style and elegant style.

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