Sunday, January 5, 2014

How to select wedding dresses in winter?

Getting married in winter, the bride need to consider avoid being tumid in selecting wedding dress, features such as light, soft and warm hold by velvet can be used in compensate. At the same time made varies kind of Chinese form in these tradition material. In addition, bride should have a pretty formal cloth regardless of their location. Girls in south can select coat in small or medium size, while girls in north should select coat in medium or large. We should never neglect a scarf or hat matched with the coat in color. What more, bride should also consider factors such as height, figure and their skin color.

Nowadays, styles in men clothing has increased a lot. As wedding dress, men should better select suit in western style. Suit in western style is an international suit, divided by two-part suit and three-part suit. The fabric and color selected should be difference decided by different figure and skin color.

In autumn and winter, western suit in top grade made by pure wool can be selected as wedding form for bridegroom. At the same time matched by coordinating jacket and waistcoat. We
better selected a fur coat coordinated with wedding dress in winter.

In the end, we need to consider the problem of coordination in color of bride and bridegroom. For example, bridegroom should dressed in light tan or coffee color if bride dressed in pure white. In conclusion, bride should perform to be elegant in wedding dress while bridegroom need to emphasize to be powerful, steady and tough.

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