Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Classification of dress

1,day dress

Dress is only for the night in the traditional concept. People think of Pearl flashes, accessories and gorgeous skirt naturally. In fact, with the growing wealth of modern social life , attending design activities during the day has become indispensable to many people , such as the opening ceremony , banquet , wedding, garden , official visits , etc., it doesn't like the evening dress that have special provisions. It is worth mentioning that day dress can dress in an informal party, dinner, appointment, garden etc., which is more casually, lively, romantic than evening dress.

2,evening dress

Evening dress has two forms, one of which is the traditional evening wear, mostly in the form of low-cut, strapless, backless, waist; The second is the modern dress, with the constant changes in social life and development, making night ceremonial occasions has been limited to a few people, and because of the diversification of life in the city,ogotoshop evening dress had become indispensable to social and recreational activities for clothing.

3,wedding dress

Western-style wedding dress mostly from the shape of the X-shaped skirt, the color is generally white, a symbol of faith and purity. The traditional wedding dress is a red color mostly in China, which means joy, luck and happiness.

4,prom dress

The prom is a formal and important occasions.An elegant prom dress will help you to attract the attention of everyone in the house.So, it is very important for everyone who wants to attend a prom to choose a suitable prom dress.

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