Monday, January 20, 2014

The hairstyle of the bride

As we know, every bride wants to be the beautiful girl in the world in the wedding, you may have a ogotoshop nice wedding dress, then, how about your hairstyle, is it beautiful?You may look elegant and gorgeous with a nice hairstyle, now, I will show you some ideas.

Fluffy hair is more and more popular, Curls itself has a strong visual aesthetic, and it is very suitable to make a variety of shapes.You can match with many accessories, which will make you look lovely absolutly, and it is also suitable for the bride who has short hair.

Undo is generally a nice bridal makeup styling, and the bridal hair tends to be more simplistic in disc form.Undo also has a strong modification of the force, according to different stylist bride's face, body, clothing, temperament, etc., to create the most elegant temperament to highlight the bride dish hair.

Pony-tail is the most common and simple hairstyle for most girls. It takes a free, natural, cordial feeling.

Oblique hairstyle can increase the length of the vertical face of the visually, which is set with the girl who has a round face.

Those simple hair styles are become more and more popular, becoming one of the fashionable hair accessories. Different hair style is very important to different face, and different color of the hair makes the bride look more charming. The most common type Hepburn retro hairstyle, coupled with a simple ribbon, which will make the bride look beautiful and natural.

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