Monday, February 10, 2014

Some tips of wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are very important in wedding, but there are a lot of brides do not have time to learn some information about wedding dresses because they are busy. So how to choose a good ogotoshop wedding dress, I will show you some ideas.

The color

White: Traditional wedding dresses is usually pure white, symbolizing the purity and sanctity of marriage. Due to the large sales volume, price, duration is the optimum choice. Ivory / Pearl White: In recent years, more and more couples choose ivory / pearl white, this color has become the preferred color fashion wedding. This continuation of the white color tone and color symbolism, while no change has changed the traditional wedding, drab shortcomings, soft ivory light show hostess elegant, noble temperament. The same fabric texture, slightly higher than the price of ivory pure white.

The fabrics

The main fabric of wedding dresses is thick forging, lace, crystal yarn, and so on. Of course, proper beaded, lace, bows, ribbons wedding is also essential finishing touch. For the yarn series of wedding dresses, often " layer " concept is of great importance. We recommend: When you purchase yarn series, in the economic capacity allows, do not select the following four yarn products. Because the layers too, will make the wedding look shriveled, listless, not quite real, fluffy, Beijing wedding and cannot reflect the gauze fabric light, romantic, fantasy feel. If the satin series of products, the general level of imports that is lined with a layer of thick forging plus can achieve good results. If coupled with good panniers, will be more perfect and beautiful.

The accessories

The wedding accessories include panniers, veil, gloves, Corolla, jewelry, and other holding flowers, and three samples is almost essential. The quality of the wedding panniers decorative effect is very critical. Different quality panniers price difference is about $ 50, so we recommend that you try to buy good quality panniers. Veil, gloves will depend on the choice of collocation temperament, color, and fabric wedding dress owner to decide. In short, no matter what style of wedding you choose, what kind of optional accessories, your wedding day is the most brilliant actress.

The style

The are many beautiful styles in wedding dresses, you can select one depend on your own body.

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