Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Four Categories of dresses

Dresses are more and more important in our life, different dresses belong to different occasions, now, i will show you categories of dresses

1 Daytime dress

This dress is dresses in an official visit to the guests. It can also be dresses in a concert, watch theater, tea, and used the occasion to meet friends, a little modification can also attend a friend's wedding and ceremonies, etc., with elegant, calm, sedate style features. Traditional Japanese dress choice opaque, no strong shine wool, silk, woolen, chemical fiber and blended cotton production. Afternoon service jacket with matching jacket called the afternoon, thick satin fabric selection on a good worsted or woolen material. Daytime dress according to different occasions, may have suitable mix of methods, such as men with a black jacket, plus a local lady wearing decorative embroidery, finely crafted skirt suits, pants suits, dresses, elegant two-piece suite. Traditional Japanese dress multi plain, black is most formal, especially offer high specification drink business meetings, celebrations and other solemn occasions formal black best performance solemn, self-esteem, and generous.

2 Evening dress

Evening dresses always dress in a formal dinner, watching theater, dance concerts and participate in large-scale, formal evening wedding dress worn by time, but also the ladies dress in the highest grade, most unique, most women can show the charm of dress. Evening dress in the night for the purpose of communication, in order to meet a luxurious and warm atmosphere, selection always using velvet, brocade, crepe, taffeta, organza, lace, etc. Flash, elegant, noble, gorgeous fabrics. The overall color is the tendency of elegance , luxury, such as India, red, burgundy, emerald , black, white and other colors most commonly used , with gold and silver glitter and rich color will enhance the luxury, elegance and beauty. Together with the corresponding pattern and a variety of pearls, a light sheet, embroidery, inlaid precious stones, diamonds and other decorative artificial, fully embodies the grace and luxury ogotoshop evening dresses.

3 Cocktail dress

The fabric of cocktail dress is natural silk, brocade, taffeta and a variety of synthetic fibers, blends, worsted fabrics, etc. present some new fabrics are widely used in such a dress.

4 Wedding dress

White wedding dress is the favorite form for most women, white is the bride's special color, which has a spotless inside to outside the body of the dress symbolizes pure and holy marriage. Wedding dress fabrics to choose more delicate fine silk, gauzy crepe, silk, lace, or the use of a support force, easy modeling of chemical Satin, taffeta, Shantung, brocade and so on.

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