Monday, February 17, 2014

insulated curtains

Because the temperature changes quickly now, so a lot of families will try another ways to change their living environment, such as the air conditioning, heating or cooling caused by other hot products, etc. , are to make their living environment a little better, but apparently a lot of people do not ignore the windows, according to the survey data show that about sixty percent of the time families will choose to buy curtains ogotobuy insulated curtains.
For the maintenance of thermal curtains , we need to pay attention to clean curtains weekdays, we all know the curtain time is relatively long, and not regularly cleaned, so in everyday use, be careful not to dirty , if dirty, the best to the dry cleaners to clean, so as not to reduce the insulating effect of the curtain.
Nautical Style Blue and White Striped Cotton/Linen Blend Curtains
The effect of insulated curtains is insulation, as we know, the global warming is not normal, and if improper cooling warm, so it is prone to heat stroke, frostbite and even the circumstances of death, and insulation curtain is to play such an effect.
First we look at the application of insulated curtains summer after summer heat hang curtains, the curtains can be external temperature stop the sun, so that the room temperature is stable and does not waste electricity, of course, if you want to open the window but also Yes, you can just put the curtains.
we all know that most households are heated in winter, and the heating will form a loop, sometimes going through the windows revealed, this will reduce the indoor temperature, but with after insulated curtains do not worry, because the heat will stop the curtain, thus forming cycle indoors, do not worry there will be heat loss, while the indoor temperature naturally a little higher, the human living environment will be better.

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